Fundraising effort

Next year, I along with a group of peer Final Year students will be venturing down to London to take part in the New Designers 2013 event.
In a bid to raise money to contribute towards the costing of this, we have decided to sell badges designed by each individual at all of our christmas events over the next few weeks.
Here is a wee preview of mine, inspired by my own interest of Mandala design, teamed with a very popular inverted cross which has been seen throughout high street fashion lately.


Below is a sample of a few designs! These will also be sold at the McManus Galleries as of this fine evening! There is only a limited number of each design so grab one whilst you can,  £4.80 each! x


Christmas time, mistletoe & (lots of) wine! x

If you’re looking to buy a special christmas gift for someone, then this Saturday come down to the DCA 2-6pm where myself and other final year Jewellers will be exhibiting in the first ever Christmas Craft and Design Market. Also next week will see our annual Jewellery Christmas Fair held in the brand new DJCAD foyer. Opens Wednesday night 5pm: free booze and nibbles. 🙂

DCA Christmas Craft and Design Market this Saturday!

The last 2 weeks have been insanely busy preparing for the Christmas Craft and Design Market taking place this weekend at the DCA, Dundee.

Head along between 2-6pm to see support a handful of incredible designers from all over Scotland.

I will be displaying a small collection of jewellery along with my final year peers, so come along and bring some pennies – you may find the perfect christmas gift! 🙂
There will also be some nibbles, drinks and live music, there is no excuse! 🙂

My day teaching potential DJCAD students

Last Thursday, due to other commitments, DJCAD’s Jewellery and Metalwork Design tutors were unable to take tours of potential students, visiting the College for this first time.

I therefore put myself forward to do so, and so spent my day giving tours and demonstrations to 2 separate groups of local high school students. Both groups were given a tour of the department and a brief introduction to the course outline.
Under my supervisions, they were then given the opportunity to practice basic metal smithing techniques such as metal forming using different hammers, etching and oxidising.
I thought introducing myself and the environment that we work with would have been intimidating and slightly scary, as i am not that much older than these school pupils. However i thoroughly enjoyed myself and the feedback we got from the students was fantastic! All said that having been on a previous tour in the morning they preferred and were more excited about what the Jewellery department at DJCAD had to offer!

Job done! 🙂

I’m back!


It’s been a while since i graced this blog with my presence, so here i am – back and raring to go. I have now entered the realm of 4th year and quite frankly, the fear has set in!
Over summer, we were asked to think of what it was we proposed to work on during our final year here at DOJCAD. I have decided to stick to what i know, and keep with my love of dangerous jewellery. This year however i will be using it in a different context and will be experimenting with a few materials that i haven’t ever used before, such as glass and leather, as well as metal.
We are also continuing with our Business Plans, and so working steadily to gain insight, professional help and understanding of what it is we propose to start up as post graduates. This is a process that is built up over a period of time, and so beginning to build our own brands at this stage is key. The business must run under a recognisable and catchy name, and so for this reason, i feel inclined to come up with a business name, rather than using my own name. Eventually i have decided on something i feel is quite memorable and reflects well on the theme of my work – all in the pipeline i’m afraid but i have been working on the Logo that i think will work best in representing my brand.

That is all for now, but i will be sure to keep you all informed 🙂